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Teach basic CPR skills to children aged between 9 to 13 years who are in a school setting

Little LifeSavers

Volunteer with us and learn simple bystander hands-only CPR skills for yourself, then practice them by teaching local school children

Our session is simple, scripted and video supported, designed to be delivered by volunteers-even without formal CPR training qualifications. Our simple "we-show-you, you-show-the children" model has enabled us to train over ten thousand children.

Sign up and training is online, and volunteering is flexible. By joining us you will be added to a pool of local people, registered and trained to deliver our session, whom we can ask for availability when local schools request a session.

Volunteers benefit from regular CPR practice through teaching, equipping and empowering the next generation to save a life and from social connection locally

We have volunteers from all walks of life who, like you, are motivated and understand that learning and practising these simple skills by teaching children can make a real difference. Indeed, two of the children we've trained have gone on to save lives with the skills they learned. Our volunteering opportunity is open to all UK adults

What skills do I need?

We provide:

- Training-so volunteers can deliver the scripted session.
- The CPR manikins to teach with.
- The framework for offering your time and organising the bookings from schools for sessions.

When do I need to be available?

Morning Afternoon Evening

Our session takes approximately one hour to deliver to the children. We ask volunteers to offer a minimum of four sessions a year to practice these vital skills and equip and empower children across the country. We have a state-of-the-art online Booking System which will coordinate your geographic location, travel distance and the dates you can offer teaching, with every other volunteer near to you. This means that when dates and travel radius overlap for three volunteers, a date is marked as “available” on the system. A school located in that radius can then go ahead and book.

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